IoT Open Source Summit

Tuesday May 12th & Wednesday May 13th

Moscone Center West, San Francisco

As the Internet of Things sector has developed, it has become increasingly clear that Open Source technologies will be fundamental to the successful proliferation of IoT. Building on the success of last year’s sell out summit, and now doubled in length to two days, the IoT Open Source Summit will bring together case studies, technology presentations and tutorials to give participants an in-depth insight in the area.



Ian Skerrett

Marketing Director, Ellipse Foundation


Session 1 – Introduction

9.15        Open Source IoT Unconference

Michael Koster
Open Source Internet of Things Silicon Valley Meet Up


9.45        Hackers, Makers, And The Open Source Hardware Revolution 

Understanding the Open Source Resources Available to IoT Developers

Adam Benzion, Co-Founder, 

Alex Glow, Resident Hacker, 


10.15    Break


Session 2: Open Source Hardware for IoT

10.45    Trends in Lean & Open Source Hardware

 Benjamin Joffe





11.20    Panel Discussion: Assessing the Future of Open Source Hardware


Chair: Chris Hare, CEO, Thingovation



 Danese Cooper

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff - Open Source, PayPal

 & further speakers to be announced


12.30     Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit


Session 2: Open Source IoT Approaches 1

What are the objectives and scope of the key IoT open source initiatives?

When should IoT developers use these tools, and how?


1.30        Eclipse Foundation: Defining an open source IoT Stack

Ian Skerrett, Marketing Director, Ellipse Foundation


1.55        OASIS

Geoff Brown
MQTT Technical Committee secretary, OASIs
Founder & CEO, Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation


2.05        AllSeen Alliance

Art Lancaster, AllSeen Alliance


2.25        Open Interconnect Consortium

Scott Doenecke, Open Interconnect Consortium



2.45        Refreshment Break & Exhibition Visit



Session 4: Open Source IoT Case Studies

3.20     Case Study: Open Source puts the Magic in Magical Products.  

How to take an IoT concept from Paper to a Successful Product in less than 6 months, repeatedly!

Makers leverage Open Source to benefit from a great of deal of already done work in open source HW and open source SW space to make things. With rapid growth of open source prototyping platforms, it has become incredibly easier to prototype and bring IoT concepts to life. This has made going through the cycle of “Design / Build / Measure” which is key to creating great products, incredibly fast and viable for all product innovation and development teams, whether in startups or large companies. 

This Hands-on talk touches both the Design and Technical sides of leveraging Open Source for getting IoT products right. It additionally discusses how to bring IoT ideas to life quickly using cost effective and ready to use Open Hardware Sensors and components and Open Source Software.

Moe Tanabian

Vice President of Engineering, Head of Smart Things IoT Innovation Lab



3.45        IPv6 Connects Everyone and Everything

-          IoT is the next evolution of the Internet

-          The Internet has run out completely of IPv4 address space

-          IPv6 will cater for IoT with addressability and scaling

-          IPv6 can be fitted for IoT with 6LowPan, Roll and 6TiSCH

-          IPv6 is a running code and the open source protocol par excellence

-          IPv6 Autonomicity is the next step for IoT


Latif Ladid 


IPv6 Forum




Day 2


Ian Skerrett

Marketing Director, Ellipse Foundation


Session 5: Open Source IoT Approaches 2

What are the objectives and scope of the key IoT open source initiatives?

When should IoT developers use these tools, and how?


9.30       Contiki

Adam Dunkels

Founder & CEO




9.55        Open Mobile Alliance & the OMA LighweighM2M Developer Toolkit.

Joaquin Prado
Director of Technical Programs
Open Mobile Alliance


10.20     IoT Requirements & XMPP

Michael Holdmann 

Member, Working Group 21451-1-4, ISO/IEC/IEEE

Member IoT Task Force, UPnP Forum

Chief Marketing Officer, Coversant Inc


10.45 Break

Session 6: Open Source IoT in the Cloud

11.15     Rapid IoT Product Development with Open-Source Middleware

Andrew Kokhanovski


11.35     IoT Open Source in the Cloud

Maarten Ectors
VP of IoT, Proximity Cloud and Next-Gen Networking


12.00     Accelerating IoT deployment through Linux Containers

Bryan Che
General Manager, Cloud Product Strategy
Red Hat


12.20     Lunch Break


Session 7: IP Management in Open Source


1.15      Panel: How do I Create a Unique and Valuable Product with Open Source?

  • What are the key considerations for developers when using open source technologies?
  • How do product developers create and maintain a competitive advantage in an open source environment?
  • Business strategies for companies using open source technologies, including whether to join or start a foundation, open core strategy and license selection, ?

Panel Chair:

Mark Radcliffe 


DLA Piper



 Michael Atlass,Patent Counsel, Qualcomm

 Sherman Chu, General Counsel, Cisco 

 Eileen Evans, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Cloud Computing and Open Source, HP



2.15      Break


3.00      Case Study: Building IoT Products with Open Source

With so many options available, how should developers select with open source tools to use in a product? This presentation walks through a number of worked product examples to help explain which tools and sources are appropriate for which products.

Scott Amyx
Founder & CEO
Amyx +McKinsey


3.30      Close of Summit